Being and Engineer by trade, I am all about precision and purpose. I am certainly not in the least bit inspired by the likes of Picasso or Jackson Pollock, for example.  And so it is only more recently that I have found that abstracts are a new way for me to visualize beauty as the details in the real world appeal to me. You can find many more layers of art if you just take a closer look.

This is glacial ice. The beautiful blue is apparent as the immense pressure from the shear weight of the glacial river squeezes out all the air.

The desert sands of the Empty Quarter in Abu Dhabi comprise of many minerals.  The red patterns, a combination of wind and the more heavy particles of iron oxide compared to the lighter, yellow, silica.

Many small animals inhabit the desert.  This lizard was too quick for me and all I could capture were his footprints.

A multiple exposure composite of the desert night sky during the peak of the meteor shower, Aquariids.

Impressions of a sunrise lake in Abu Dhabi.

Autumn treeline in Banff, Canada.