South Georgia - Up Close

South Georgia is home to more unspoiled wildlife than you could possibly imagine.  Penguin populations alone run well into the millions as do the populations of elephant seals and fur seals.

This is probably the only place in the world intrepid travelers can get up close and personal with so much nature.  The area is well controlled by naturalists, so humans do not damage the fragile ecosystem.  Touching the animals is not allowed, but if you you sit still, elephant pups will happily come up and give you a big nudge with their noses.

What's that?

That split second right before an animal's curiosity switches from cute to expensive.
(He knocked over the tripod and bent the lens filter thread!)

Click the photo to watch me trying (not very hard!) to fend him off.

Colonies of king penguins on Salisbury Plains stretch 100's of acres.  Whilst closer to shore, large bull fur seals defend their harems against would-be usurpers.  A brand new baby pup, still tethered to the placenta, recieves a gentle kiss from mum.

Macaroni penguins are hilarious.  For the amount of time they spend on the rocks they sure are skittish when in comes to jumping in the water.   They sit of the edge egging their friends to jump in first.


A very rare breed of giant penguin.

Photo credit: Chris Bray

Gentoo Bomber

Remember the Gentoos from Antarctica?  Well, they are back and always seem to show up every time I get my camera out.

Click on the photo to see this guy looking to party!