Canadian Rockies

Since the Calgary Winter Olympics, it has been a long time dream of mine to visit the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  In September 2016, I toured the areas of Banff and Jasper which delivered some of the most spectacular scenery I could possibly hope for.

Vermilion Lakes

The focus of the trip was around the towns on Banff and Jasper.  Autumn had come early so much of the Ash and Birch had dropped their yellow hues, however, there were some patches where I could play with some camera movement and abstracts.

Along the way we encountered some wildlife.  One morning we saw some Elk grazing in a field by the side of the road. A bunch of nature photographers were already on the scene all decked out in cammo and lenses long enough to see the Hubble. Then us lot pile out of the bus carrying on with hand helds, going ooh ahh. Turns out there is quite a difference between Nature togs and Landscape togs! 

A watchful Stag protects his harem

Once again, I had a go at vlogging the adventure complete with animal antics, drone footage and time lapse!  You can check out the video here: