Patagonia - A Rare Sighting

Just before my trip to Antarctica and South Georgia, I 'stopped' in on the way to the Chilean Patagonia region of Torres Del Paine.
With only 4 days, my mission was to photograph in the Salto Grande Waterfall region. 

It being summer, it was 3am starts for me.  And when I called Eco Camp to discuss options for a driver to get me to the places I wanted to go at the times I was interested in, I had my doubts.  As it turned out, the Manager of the Eco Camp put his hand up straight away.  He told me, "A crazy girl wants to get up in the middle of the night on an expedition into the national park?  I am totally up for that!"

Patagonia is windy.  Really windy, so photographing is tough, but Salto Grande came through and here she is.

Little did I know that on my way back from capturing a magnificent sunrise,  that I would get an extra special treat!

3 Pumas eating a fresh kill of juicy hare.

I watched them by the side of the road not 15m away for over 40min.  My guide was ecstatic!  He said he had never seen anything like that in the 4 years he had been working in the region.

Our adventure was so exciting, the Manager asked me to share my story with the other guests at Eco Camp.  I thought, gee, how am I going to get a presentation together if I am shooting all day?  I stayed up till 11:30am that night editing a quick little video and here it is.