What's In My Bag

I am off to Kamchatka next month.  This time there is camping involved, long exposure astro, wildlife, landscapes (of course) and hopefully some drone action.  I also am upping my video production value with moving time lapses and slo mo footage.  So with all this on the table I really had to think hard about all the kit I was going to take. 

I weighed in at 8kg Carry On and 17kg Checked.  To see how I did it, keep on reading.


  1. Camera Bag - Koolertron canvas backpack  - no insert       - 662g  
  2. Surface pro 4 + SSD + mouse                                                - 1500g
  3. Sony A7RII - body + battery                                                    - 741g
  4. Batteries and things with batteries in them                           - 903g
  5. 100-400mm lens - filters on the ends + lens flipper              - 1737g
  6. 16-35mm lens - filters on the ends                                         - 686g
  7. Mavic Air + remote controller + one spare battery               - 1040g
  8. 10000mA battery pack                                                           - 288g
  9. Bum bag + wallet + passport + Samsung + iPhone, etc        - 522g   

   In case some one wanted to weigh my backpack, I also travel with a hand bag which can fit the 100-400mm lens for quick weight redistribution.

CHECKED LUGGAGE                      

  1. Rolling Duffel Bag - Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 90L             - 1700g  
  2. RRS Tripod TVC-24 and BH-40LR Ball Head                         - 1984g
  3. iOptron Sky guider pro astro EQ camera mount                   - 1455g
  4. Small tripod + small BH + mono pod                                      - 1280g
  5. Sony A7R - body                                                                      - 550g
  6. 100mm f2.8 macro (actually for astro) + LEA4 adapter          - 677g